Aphrodisias was a town in Caria, now part of modern Turkey, about 230 km (142.5 miles) of Izmir, located next to the modern village of Geyre. As its name indicates, was “baptized” in honor of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love. According to the Suda, before being known as Aphrodisias, the city had three previous names: Lelegon Polis (city of Leleges), Megale Polis and Ninoë.

History of Aphrodisias stretches in the past, gaining prominence in the first century BC. The city was dedicated to Aphrodite, goddess of love and fertility. Some of the richest treasures of antiquity were discovered in the excavations of this city. The public buildings are decorated with marble, worked with extraordinary beauty, producing exceptional temples, monuments, bathrooms, a theater and a magnificent stadium. The reputation of manual work in marble of this city and finesse of his sanctuary, spread in the civilized world, and Aphrodisias became famous as the best school of sculpture of antiquity. The theater and bouleutoriun are the best preserved ruins.

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