• Viajar para a Turquia é fazer uma viagem para dentro de si mesmo...

  • Terra misteriosa, rica e cheia de contrastes maravilhosos...

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  • Memórias que duram para sempre...



o que nós oferecemos.

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Traslados privativos

Escolhendo um Traslados privativos a partir de Istambul ou qualquer outro [...]

Tours privativos

Nós oferecemos itinerários exclusivos para um público que procura atendimento diferenciado. [...]

Circuitos turísticos

Os circuitos turísticos da Alia Journeys combinam a conveniência do […]

Voo de balão na Capadócia

Desfrutar da emoção de balão de ar quente sobre Cappadocia [...]

Reservas de hotéis

Alia Journeys trabalha com os melhores e mais belos hotéis […]


Prepare-se para a experiência de viagem de uma vida! [...]

Passeios opcionais

banho turco (Hamam) A Hamam ou banho turco é [...]

Passagens aéreas

mais movimentado aeroporto internacional da Turquia é o Aeroporto Internacional de Istambul Atatürk [...]

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Turquia Tours

Turquia Tours fundada em fevereiro de 2002, Alia Jornadas is the result of experience and qualifications gained by its founders throughout over 30 years of working in professional guiding as well as working as an executive of Land Operations within tourism, cruise ship industry and shipping fields. Turkey Tours through the years we have created a team that has creativity and professionalism to fulfill the requests of our guests at the highest standards. Our number one aim is always to have a guest with full satisfaction with a smile on their face as they leave our country. Customized and scheduled programs including hotel reservations anywhere in Turkey, tours, shore excursions, sightseeing, yacht rental, car and limousine service, domestic and international flight bookings, multilingual guides as well as all kinds of individual services to our travelers are available. With Turkey Tours we prefer one kind of program: feito sob medida. This is what we like and what we are good at, because we know that the best trips are the ones which are made just for you. Your trip is carefully designed by our team which is committed to excellence. We know that the difference is in details. That is why we work so hard when designing a tour from scratch according to your likings, interests and expectations. Turkey Tours we love what we do and it shows through our work. We enjoy taking our guests through the wonders of the Ottoman Sultans in Istanbul, the “gate” city between East and West, as well as through the art, architecture and history of the Anatolian peninsula from the most ancient civilizations until modern times. Turkey Tours needless to say that no efforts are spared to make every day of our guests’ stay in Turkey a very special occasion; excellent food, breathtaking landscapes, traditional entertainment and local folklore ranging from the famous “belly dancing” to the making of beautiful and world famous handicrafts of Turkish Culture are just a few to enhance your holiday in Turkey. Turkey Tours invite you to contact us to design your very own trip in Turkey, using our guidance and knowledge. Turkey Tours Warmest Regards, Turkey Tours Alia Journeys Team.
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